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ESP Fault, Engine Management Light & Limp Mode

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  • ESP Fault, Engine Management Light & Limp Mode

    Hi Guys,

    My car is a Citroen DS3 1.6 HDi110 Sport 2012
    I had a fault today that I need to rectify.
    I was driving home on the motorway at about 120kph and wanted to accelerate to overtake a car. At this point I had completed 1,000km of a 1,050km journey. The engine hesitated and then the ESP Light and Engine Management Light came on and the car went into limp mode. The fault message said "ESP Fault Repair Needed"
    I limped to the nearest rest area, switched off the engine and then restarted it hoping that it would reset. No Joy, it was just the same. I noticed that my front nearside tyre looked a bit flat( confirmed at home at 15psi) I changed to the emergency spare and drove home in limp mode.
    I have got a Peugeot Planet/Lexia interface although I have never used the Lexia. I will connect it up tomorrow to read the codes.

    Is there a chance that it detected the imbalace in the wheels and put the car in limp mode as a safety issue, and if I clear the codes it will be ok. Or am I being too hopeful.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Right here goes!!!

    I have connected to Diagbox at got the following faults:

    F5FF Unexpected re-initialisation fault coming from BSI
    F03D Absense of communication with the hands-freekit ecu or the nomad control unit


    P1AA2 Voltage Retaining Device
    P0342 Measurement for the camshaft position
    P16A3 Control unit (114118Km)
    P0263 Cylinder 1 (81312Km)
    P0269 Cylinder 3 (114191Km)
    U0140 Intersystems CAN
    P0266 Cylinder 2 (69570Km)
    P1506 Intersystems CAN (115777Km)
    P0271 Injector 4 Signal (115768Km) S/C between 2 wires

    ABS or ESP ECU

    C1391 Non confirmation of engine torque
    U2000 Fault on intersystems CAN network

    I brought the car with 80,000Km and it has now done 115,816Km so I would assume that the last 2 faults on Engine ECU and the ABS/ESP faults are the important ones.

    I have cleared all the faults then restarted the engine. Still got Engine Management Light and ESP light.

    I have run another global test and faults C1391, F03D and P0271 re-appear
    I assume that the main fault is the injector 4 fault.
    Any ideas please.



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      Hi Mick,

      Have you checked the voltage of your battery with a multimeter, should always be higher then 12.00 volt. If its lower then 12V it could be a dead cell in your battery if this is the problem your electric circuit runs on the alternator which doenst give enough voltage to your ECU and throws up all kinds of fault codes. I had a same kind of problem last week (1.6 THP 150 PK 2011 / 155.000 KM )


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        that's a heck of a lot of faults- if it was me, would be a dealer visit

        could well be a dodgy battery
        Jog on Noddy