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Think I might need a new HPFP

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  • Think I might need a new HPFP

    Hey guys. Longtime lurker here! I bought my 2011 1.6 THP 155 just over a year ago and still love it! I've done a few mods which have elevated it and I'm pretty happy with it.....

    Except for one thing. Since I bought the car it's had the intermittent rough idle issue. There was no real pattern to it and it didn't happen it that often so I've just put up with it.

    The issue seems to have gotten worse now though. On cold starts it splutters quite often and tends to throws up an eml. The eml goes out by the end of the day and giving it a couple of gentle revs on a cold starts stops the eml from coming on. It doesn't happen on warm starts.

    I've also had the odd power cut/stutter when the car is under load which leads me to think it's the HPFP. I haven't got a code reader to have been able to get the error codes so not sure what codes it's throwing up and I don't want to chuck it in a garage for diagnostics in case they can't get the eml to come on.

    I'd love to hear anyone's advice as I'm assuming it's either going to be the HPFP or coked-up inlets and as they both not that cheap to do as prefer to get it right the first time lol.

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    how bout getting an ELM 327 off ebay, and downloading the Torque Pro App (Get the better one for 2.95) and that will at least read the code for you

    Think you are thinking along the right lines- how many miles on the car, and any record of a walnut blast. Could be injectors, (Swap them around?)but sounds a bit more severe than that
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