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New member, multiple issues.

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  • New member, multiple issues.

    Hi all,

    I have a 2012 dstyle ds3 and recently its caused nothing but trouble and so here I am looking for help.

    A couple of weeks ago the engine light came on and the fan was over active after switching her off. The garage said it was the plugs and changed them and that seemed to be that.

    Then on saturday I'd been out all day in her and she'd been fine. Got home and put her on the drive. A little while later we heard a loud thud but thought nothing more of it. Next morning I went to drive her and she wouldn't move. Turns out the front passenger side spring had spontaneously collapsed and part of the coil had dug into the tyre and caused a flat. We called a recovery truck as she couldn't be driven and when the guy turned up he just fired her up and drove her off the drive. He had to brute force past the locked wheel and eventually it gave and he could bump her down the curb and onto the ramp of the truck.

    Couple of days later the garage phone to say they'd swapped the springs and changed the tyres and she was ready for collection.

    However as I went to drive her away, I noticed two things.

    Firstly, as I turn the ignition over, for the 1st 1-2 seconds, she sounds different. Louder, more throaty maybe, almost like an old man grunting when he stands up. She seems to run ok, but occasionally she'll sound different under acceleration. It's hard to explain, but we all know our individual cars and she just doesnt sound quite right. The mechanic thought it was maybe just a vibration and possibly was caused by something being knocked when she was loaded on the truck. The ramps were all full by then and he couldn't check it out and instead advised me to run it for a few days and see if it settles. (It hasnt)

    Secondly, the display above the radio used to show the timer on the CD as it played, now it shows the mpg. Why has this changed? The mechanic should not have needed to change anything on the display when he changed the springs. Once the ignition is on, I can press the mode button to get the CD timer on, but now everytime i restart the car it defaults back to mpg display.

    So what I need help with is, what could have caused this engine noise? Exhaust would be the obvious one, but what about loosened engine mounts or other elements around the engine? And can I prove this was done during recovery and could I claim for it from the recovery company?

    And why has my display changed and how do I change it back (permanently) the manual may as well have been written in martial for all the sense it makes.