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1.6 e-HDI Juddering?

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  • 1.6 e-HDI Juddering?

    Hi all!

    Just wanted to see if anyone else has had an issue with their diesel DS3 juddering and slowing down under acceleration when going up hill? The car is under warranty with Ford where I bought it from used, but Iíve had it in and they replaced the fuel filter? This hasnít fixed the issue.

    When I drive up Staxton Hill, the acceleration is fine until I get near the top, when the engine starts juddering and power noticeably decreases. Of course I will get it back to Ford for further testing. The engine is a 1.6 e-HDI with 58K miles on the clock. Also the juddering can occur in multiple gears (4th and 5th Iíve had it in).


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    thought about the clutch? Or does it appear engine?
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      What kind of diesel have you been using? supermarket or premium diesel? If you fill up with supermarket sludge every tank and drive it til the fuel light is on, the cheap crap in the bottom of the tank will clog up your engine etc. Have you had any dash lights come on or error codes? Have you had your DPF saturation levels checked? All of these could be causing the judder.

      Try chucking some redex into your tank before a decent fuel fill up and then go for a long sustained burn on the motorway in 5th making sure you're above 3k revs. This should burn out some crap from the DPF and also push some clean decent fuel and the redex through the engine.

      Aside from that, is it due a full service? Are the judders only present in high or low revs?
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