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Engine Fault & Loud Fan

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  • Engine Fault & Loud Fan

    So I've had my DS3 around 6 months now.
    Its a 15 plate DStyle+ E-HDI. Had around 75k on the clock and i've put on 3k.

    Just over a week ago I heard my strange whirring noise coming from my car. Sounded like a neighbour cutting his grass but it was my fan.
    We've had a scorcher the past few weeks so just thought nothing of it. It's the loudest radiator fan i've ever heard but I wasnt too worried.
    Just never heard it either at all before or that loud.

    Since then, even on the days the weather has been relatively mild and wet, the fan will come on randomly super loud.
    Eco mode refuses to engage. The temp guage isn't going anything above the middle of the scale.

    Today I nipped to the shops and on the way back when starting up the car, the service light came on 'Repair Needed - Engine fault' and the fan whizzing from get go.

    All my fluid levels are good.

    When buying the car the same warning appeared and I told the garage to fix it, service it and MOT it. Came back with a clean bill of health.
    I called the garage today to ask if they remember the problem but they don't.

    I KNOW it could be a whole list of things. I've had a look at other threads with similar issues but none seem to line up with the problems i've got.

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    I had something very similar recently, and funny enough just had the report from Citroen: DPF 70% full, which means a forced regeneration and new sensor (Fan running, Engine fault light on)

    Cant see why I would need a forced regen, as I hack around and do a fair few miles, but then Ive read that DPFs can start causing problems around 70k miles

    Anyway- as its with Citroen Ive got a 12 month warranty on all work and parts, so hopefully the DPF will behave

    You also need to get an OBD2 interface and decent code reader. I turned my fault light of with mine, but then just came on again 40 mile later

    Also, if you are in the RAC/AA then call them to see what they diagnose.
    Jog on Noddy


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      Thanks for the feedback! What does that mean for someone who doesn't speak car lmao


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        The Diesel Particulate Filter is a part of a diesel car which filters out soot, and can get clogged. That's what has happened to mine, and sounds similar to what happened to yours

        The way the dealers find out what is wrong, is plugging a piece of equipment into the cars computer to find out what fault is logged on it. That fault code will tell the dealer what is wrong.
        It costs a few quid to get the dealer to do that

        You can access the cars computer yourself with the right equipment either with your phone (With an App) or with a diagnostic tool (A screen that is plugged into the cars computer vie the connection near the glovebox) to see if there is a problem, and can turn the fault light on the dashboard off

        As you seem not to be "into" cars, may be best if you go to the dealer :-)
        Jog on Noddy


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          Iím having the same issues fan keeps coming on and engine light on Iíve been told it might be the fuel pump.


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            So I've had mine fully fixed by Citroen now.

            The issue was the fan relay.
            Apparently it can throw up different faults but the technician sent the details of the issues to Citroen and faults that came up with diagnostics and they came back saying the fan relay can have a knock on effect.

            £156 total for a diagnostic and fix.


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              New update

              Not fixed.

              Engine fault messages keeps appearing and disappearing toally at random.

              Been told it's the alternator.
              £1200 to fix due to the start stop.

              Apparently another option is to remap the car so it doesn't know it has a start stop function and the message should disappear.

              It sounds like they haven't got a clue if I'm honest.
              They told me it drives fine but the fault will always come off and on until I either get a new alternator or a remapping


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                ^ ^ take to Citroen for an accurate diagnosis- I know its pricey, but their work is warrantied for a yeat
                Jog on Noddy