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  • Plugs & leads recommendations

    Hi all

    Firstly I apologise as this has no doubt been asked but I cannot find the wood for the trees!

    Want to change the plugs & leads on my new 1.6 THP 155 but having looked around I have seen some say use iridium, others say not now etc. Then when I looked on GSF they came up with NGKNGK SPARK PLUG PLZKBR7A-G Part No : 906AA1500 but when I Google that sparks plugs UK says this part has been replaced by PLZKBR7B8DG, 90223 but then when I try & search this part it says it does not fit my vehicle!!!!!

    Can anyone help with a good solid recommendation for me please for plugs and also leads please.

    Many thanks

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    Having the same dilemma with mine need new plugs but unable to figure out which ones. People say that the ds3r are a good upgrade they are iridium ngk ones but I can't for the life of me find them. And also not sure if I can just use oe quality for the ds3r in my thp, from auto doc or gsf car parts, they tend to come up with a Bosch variant. So confusing


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      I'm about to fit these from GSF so will let you know how I get on!


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        I think they are the same as the ones I've just fitted


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          They were the same as already in there and it was previously serviced by Honda