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  • brake fade

    My wife`s DS3 on starting a trip and applying the brakes, they fade when depressed, but will then work on 2nd press.The pedal actually goes yo the floor. have changed the master cylinder and brake fluid is ok. The problem remains. Any advice would be well received. cheers

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    What your describing what happens to brake pedal is not brake fade . Sounds like there is air in the brake system , by pumping pedal you are compressing the air and thus giving you a firm pedal . Brake fade is where you have a lack of stopping power due to normally overheating brakes.
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      Yes, air in the system, or poss master brake cylinder, maybe brake fluid needs changing. But deffo get it checked

      Brake fade is when you have been round that racetrack a few times, then press heavy on the brakes at a corner, and bugger all happens- frightening. Ive done it
      Too much heat, and inappropriate brake pads/ fluid, and lack or brake cooling.
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        Did you change the master cylinder and attempt to bleed the system yourself?

        I believe that the correct procedure requires dealer equipment to purge the ABS pump
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