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Drive train noise after dealer service

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  • Drive train noise after dealer service

    Wonder if anyone can comment on this?

    Took my 2013 DS3 1.6 vti  Automatic, 120 power into a main dealer for a service. Not my usual dealer as I have moved .

    When I rang the main dealer to book,given the age and millage , 5 previous services and 18k covered I was told a interim was needed and major next time.

    When I picked the car up pretty much straight away I could tell the gear change felt different NOT worse.  Then I noticed a noise, I thought it was road noise from the tarmac etc BUT after several roads it was still there. When the car stops the noise goes.

    I was told on collection the aux drive belt is perished and needs replacement so booked in 3 days later, So when I got home I rang and told them about the noise and can they note that incase something is wrong and check 3 days later.

    Can anyone shed light if the auto gear box would be touched on a interim? No addition work was charged for other than engine oil. Or any work that might effect the drive train.

    I did not return to the dealers for the aux belt because the 2 tyres they told me needed replacing DID not, I was told one had a "chunk" of tread missing and the cords showing. 2 fitters and myself could not find this chunk missing!!!!

    The car is booked into a different dealer to check the aux belt is indeed perished and to replace if it is.

    Theis second dealer told me the dealer I went to has lost the Citroen franchise,I will tell/ask them about the noise BUT would like to hear what you guys will say.