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Intermittent brake grind

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  • Intermittent brake grind

    Seem to have noticed an intermittent grinding noise when braking. Sometimes it'll grind all the way from 70 to 0 with it getting slightly deeper the more you push the pedal. Sometimes it will grind if I'm in slow moving traffic and press the brakes lightly to slow down and stop.

    If the brakes were grinding when I stopped, I also notice an ever so slight on/off grinding noise when setting off, it grinds a bit and as the wheel turns it stops until it gets to the point again and then grinds a bit more. Again this is intermittent and only happens after the brakes have grinded. If I stop and the brakes don't grind, I don't get this noise when setting off again (if any of that makes sense XD)

    I can't see any scorching on the discs or any marks to indicate the pads are worn down to the metal. I also tried a few emergency stops and got no grinding at all on any of them.

    I have noticed that the passenger side front disc smelt and felt hotter than the drivers side, so I'm not sure if maybe the caliper is sticking. However, judging by past experiences, I've never known them to grind whilst binding, just overheat and cause brake fade.

    It had new discs and pads all round about 18K ago, 15K of that if not more has been motorway miles. However it was "Arnold Shark" that fitted them and if their "service plan" is anything to go by (using the wrong oil despite me paying for the more expensive stuff) anything is possible!!

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    If you are sure its the brakes, it can only be pads or discs, or combination of both
    Theres not much more to brakes, other than calipers and fluid, as I guess you know

    Could be the return springs need copper greasing
    Might be stones, or grit on the pads. also sounds like rust on the discs, but they don't seem to have been standing long

    Of course, it mught not be the brakes

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      I think it is definitely the pads after having a look tonight. Even without taking the wheels off, I can't get a finger in between the metal plate and the disc where as I can on the rear pads (not that I need to on the rear pads, I can see it has plenty of life left)

      I've had a look at ECP and there are two different brake sizes come up for my car, think they are to fit either a 266mm disc or a 283mm disc

      I won't have a chance to even take a wheel off till next week as my working hours are a bit manic so can't even measure the disc, so does anyone know what size I would need? I've had a look on here and some were saying the bigger ones are fitted to all cars with a 6 speed box and others were saying the bigger ones are for the Racing etc... Anyway to tell without having to wait till next week so I can get the parts ordered? Thanks

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        the caliper slide pins need greasing is all

        when I had a car new pads etc done by shop the forgot to grease 1 pin and after a little while a noise started¬$%^&*#@on braking and gradually got worse.
        it also made the brake feel a bit grabby, like it had a high spot on the rotor.
        10 months later took it back - in 10mins they¬$%^&*#@buffed and greased the pin(s) (prob¬$%^&*#@a bit rusty by then) and problem when away.