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    Hi all

    Citroen have stopped the fixed price servicing option so there major service now costs £300!

    Can anyone recommend a decent garage in or near the York area?

    I'm sure like all of you i want the best for my car but i cant really afford that kind of money so any suggestions would be great thanks.

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    Does your CitroŽn garage not offer the "Essentials" service? They use non-CitroŽn, but manufacturers approved parts and there are minor and major options, depending on what's needed and mileage and age of your car. There's also the "Originals" minor and major service too and even that used to come in at less than £300.

    I know they did both options at my "not so local" dealership last year (but I'm in Lancashire) and I think CitroŽn Vantage Motor Group still offer these. See if there is one local to you. My service isn't due for another couple of months, so won't be pricing them up myself until then. Happy hunting!!
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      yeah that is what has been stopped. i was going to book it last year before Christmas but they dont offer it anymore. they only seem to offer repairs using original or essentials.


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        Had a deeper look into this and yep it seems you are absolutely right. The only place that seems to offer the essentials service now is the CitroŽn Vantage Motor Group which are only in Morecambe and Blackpool, which is no good for you being in York.
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          nope not really. what about kwiq fit etc? i wont use Halfords auto centre though .


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            in my experience kwik fit always try to upsell other items or services or always seem to find alot more wrong with the car than anybody else does..


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              If you are insistent at Kwikfit, they get the message.
              You have to be brave too, to refuse their suggestions for new tyres, new brakes, and exhaust etc etc . LOL
              Just say NO. Get additional advice if need be, unless they say "dangerous"

              I went in for their free brake check, and exhaust check, and they prodded and poked for half hour then said they couldn't find anything wrong, although it was obvious I knew a little about motors, as it was on my track car and we talked cars for a while.
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                I've never used KwikFit nor Halford, so can't advise on either. I have a really good independent garage just near to me that I use occasionally, but I have found a very highly recommended CitroŽn /DS garage alot nearer to me that I'm gonna check out for my next service in July.

                tonyb17 - can anyone you know recommend a local good garage to you?
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