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Rear parking sensor fault

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  • Rear parking sensor fault

    My rear parking sensors do not seem to be working when I first put the car in reverse it flashes up on the screen saying parking assist system fault along with my service light but when I put into neutral and then reverse again the service light goes out. Also its doesn't beep at all when in reverse I have cleaned the rear bumper and still hasn't done the trick. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated

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    It's possible with the colder, wetter weather, that one (or more) of the sensors has been affected. I seem to recall something about drying them out one by one, ensuring the connections are also dry, or maybe one of the sensors has failed and needs replacing. I don't have them on mine, but hopefully someone who has had a similar issue can help more. Have a quick search through the forum too, as there should be a few posts that could give you a bit more info.
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      I'm hoping at the weekend when it's light I will have a look at connections etc may also give them a dry no harm in trying. Thanks I have looked at the other convos on here and ppl saying possibly one sensor gone and effect the whole lot.


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        Had this issue few months ago, unfortunatly couldn’t find the problem myself. (Tried cleaning the sensor, checked the cables, unplugged the sensors ect.)
        In the end, I got it replaced and cost me €130..

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