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ABS (Active City Breaking?) Warning Light

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  • ABS (Active City Breaking?) Warning Light

    Hi, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section, just new to the site and struggling to navigate my way round!
    Can anyone help me please?  My DS3 (2015 Aug reg) was hit from behind and the back end was all burst and the tailgate dented.  Immediately after the accident when I switched the ignition on the car beeped and I got a warning on the screen saying "Automatic Breaking Fault". I reported this to the garage that were fixing the car and they said they ran a diagnostic test and couldn't find a fault.  They had supposedly removed the warning however it was still coming on when I got the car back. They then told me to take it to a local dealer to get them to run another diagnostic test - they did same and said nothing showing however they thought it might be the active city breaking function needing it's battery re-charged as it had sat in the garage for a week while they were fixing it.  I have since driven an accumulation of 250 miles over the past week and this bleep is still happening every time I turn the car on and the warning appears - it's driving me insane! Does anyone have any idea what I need to do?  Appreciate any help I can get. thanks.

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    If neither garage can find a fault and everything has been fixed and checked, it's possible that the shunt may've triggered something on a sensor and the error code just needs clearing from the ECU. You can do this yourself with a Lexia tool, or get one of the garages to clear it. If it comes back, then defo needs looking into further.
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      Thank you I will look into that


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        you would think the garages would try clearing the fualt if they didnt find any underlying cause, but i guess this way than can charge another 50 to hook up a reader to click clear error!