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    I have a 2011 hdi sport ds3 and recently got my air conditioning re gassed as it wasn't giving out very cold air. Yesterday it seemed warm air was coming out. I've changed my cabin filter since and topped my coolant up to max (from just below min) , but still no luck. The compressor is activating fine but i noticed my fan on the radiator was coming on and off on a low speed when i pulled up after a 40 min drive down the motorway and in town with air conditioning on? should it be going much faster in the heat? and could it be the issue?

    I'm considering going to halfords for there air con inspection service if i can't figure anything out.

    Thanks Tom

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    have you left it for couple mins- mine takes a while to kick in
    Jog on Noddy


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      See my post on thread below. My 1.2 Puretech started with these symptoms then a week later, today, the service light came on with an error message. I left my car parked in work (with the fan running as it wouldn't stop) and now I've returned and battery is completely flat.


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        Yes, I leave it on pretty much the whole time throughout the year. Pepper23 it would make more sense to me in this heat that my fan came on high all the time with the air con on but it doesn't seem to want to. Unless the ds3 is that good at cooling itself it doesn't need the fan on much at all? I'm going to book mine in for a check at halfords and see if they have any luck.


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          Can anyone confirm if their radiator fan is running when the A/C is on and if its on high or low?


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            I took my car into Citroen today after it's dead battery- which had to be replaced by RAC at a cost of just over 200 as the fan staying on for an indefinite amount of time completely killed it and it wouldn't hold any charge- be warned, don't let your car do this!!
            The error message read 'dual speed, cooling fan. Incoherence between the reference value (low speed) and the status of the fan assembly'.
            What this translated to when I took it in to Citroen was the 'control module' which needed replacing, at a cost of 113 fully fitted. From lots of research this seems to be a common fault, and for some people it recurs.
            Since this has been fitted my AC is working fine (it was working fine before), and the fan hasn't been kicking it. It very rarely kicked in before, so I knew something was wrong when it started up first thing in the morning, even though it has been usually hot here.