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Brakes - Scraping Noise

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  • Brakes - Scraping Noise

    Hi, I am having a problem with my brakes making a scraping noise. It sounds as if the pads are down to the metal. I have had all 4 wheels off and the pads have loads of meat left on them. At least enough for another 20,000 KM. I have spun the wheels and nothing seems to be catching.
    It only makes the noise under braking and mostly from slow speed. It does not always do it either. The brakes work great, even with the noise there is no reduction in braking efficiency. It has just passed its CT (French MOT) with no mention of it.
    Any ideas as it is really embarrassing when I have got people in the car.

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    I have this issue, a little, with my Clio (Must be a French thing ) Altho I changed my pads a couple months ago for an upgraded set, and the disc seemed great (No lip) so left discs in place

    As time has gone on the noise has lessened, altho not gone

    Having read up on it, if it isn't a piece of grit or something lodged on the caliper, pads or discs? it may well be the discs, small pitting of rust can cause it,

    It can also be cheap pads made from sub prime material- altho mine were pricey

    Are the pads worn evenly? do they return to normal position? and are the discs warped- all could be reasons for squeaking

    If it goes on too long on mine, I will change both pads and discs at same time- that's should cure it

    Good thing is, if its only occasional theres not much to worry about- have you ever had a double decker bus pull up to the side of you...….
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      Hi, It is not so much a squeak as a grinding noise. The pads are almost new and areÂ$%^&*#@original equipmentÂ$%^&*#@pads. The front discs are worn and I am intending to change them when the pads are worn out. It is really strange as even on a journey you can apply the brakes and it will grind and at the next junction it won't. When it grinds you cannot even feel anything through the pedal.


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        Part of the caliper catching under braking?
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          Could be rust build up on the disc? Mine used to do it after rain or if the car sat for a while. A nice firm brake from 30mph to zero would clear the noise.
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            No sign of anything catching, no rust build-up on the disc ( the car lives in South of France). Have tried firm braking and it works fine but the next time I use the brakes from a slow speed it grinds again. As I have said there is no loss of performance in braking just this droning, grinding noise. And it doesn't always do it.