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2013 DS3 155thp - Timing Chain after 8 days..

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  • 2013 DS3 155thp - Timing Chain after 8 days..

    Hello there, I have a ds3 155thp from 2013 which has suddenly lost power and makes a clacking noise between 2-3k rpm.
    My girlfriend had the car this weekend and took it on a tour to Munich.
    I mean she's in love with the car, which I should have expected. ;-)
    She eventually came back today and told me about it, as she was in tears because she felt so guilty.

    We just picked the car up 7 days ago.

    Luckily I managed to catch it pretty early, having read about the problem here in the forum and on the web.

    I'll call the dealer tomorrow and then I'll have to wait
    while it's sat at the dealers to investigate possible timing chain issues and fix it.

    Fortunately here in Germany you have full warranty for the first year if you buy a used car from a dealer
    and I also have two additional years of guarantee after that.

    I'm curious if he wants to talk out.
    He sold the vehicle with a technical review.

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    Sounds like bad luck. Good you have a more comprehensive warranty though, that should cover costs as the timing chain is a common issue with the THP engines. Hopefully itís sorted quickly for you.
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      As above, pure bad luck - but with a new one covered in your warranty, you should have happy driving for the rest of your time owning the car!
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