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THP Power loss. No warranty...

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  • THP Power loss. No warranty...

    Morning Guys,

    Had my first fault with the car yesterday... had this one almost 5 years now so its out of warranty...

    Power completely disappeared yesterday, I initially though it might be an issue with the turbo but it feels more like "limp home mode" (no engine management light however) still no power this morning until i got half way to work where it suddenly came back.

    Having read on the forum I'm seeing the issue pop up a lot and a lot of backwards and forwards to the dealer with no real resolve. I'm concerned that seeing as my car is out of warranty I'll be charged through the roof and the issue wont be fixed

    Can anyone that has had a similar problem shed some light on cost and if they actually solved the problem?



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    Check long term fuel trim. Only reason for limp mode but no check engine light.
    Could be timing, faulty HPFP, etc...


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      Cheers for the reply, I've read it could be anything from timing chain/tensioner to fuel pump and just about everything in between... my main concern it that Citroen end up replacing random parts and the fault keeps coming back while happily charging me for the convenience...

      Still hoping its just a sensor fault haha


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        Originally posted by V3nn3tj3 View Post
        Check long term fuel trim.
        I have a constant fear that mine might play up one day too.

        What's the best device for doing as you suggest, and where can details of expected values for this and other parameters be found?


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          Any ODBII reader will tell you.
          LTFT: 0-10 - Good
          Higher than 10: you have a problem


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            It may be a carbon build up in the intake manifold, i had this recently and it was reading as an intermittent fault. If you get it checked then it will come up as a fault with the super knock sensor most likely around cylinder 1. If this is the case then it will need a walnut blast.


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              Cheers for the reply's

              Car is in for 20k service (booked early) today and a health check.
              Hopefully that should sort any issues as the problem hasn't come back yet...

              I'll update if Citroen find anything wrong


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                Hope it gets sorted, plus 20k is super low mileage for a 5 year old car!
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                  So thought I'd post an update...

                  Just under 1000 later. although that includes the 20k service which replaced most of the filters.
                  They basically stripped and cleaned the whole engine and told me to use the proper fuel (high octane)

                  Hopefully this issues doesn't come back!