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Heater blower not working

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  • Heater blower not working

    Hi all.

    My heater blower stopped working last week, I can change the fan speed or press the windscreen clear button etc but nothing actually happens.

    I have checked the fuse and changed the resistor as suggested in a few other posts but to no avail.

    Any ideas what to try next?


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    If you have a multimeter you can take the dash off and poke around to try and find where the circuit is not functioning, or take it to a local garage for a quick diagnostics. It could be the body control unit which will stop random things inside the car from working. For me it was the aircon and reverse gear circuit (light and sensors). If it is then these can be grabbed second hand for about 75 or new for a lot more.

    Just to give some context, how old is the car and what model is it?
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      Yeah was thinking of having a poke around with the multimeter, electrics arent really my thing but I've already taken part of the dash off to get to the resistor so may as well have a look. Ok thanks, will try and have a look at the body control unit, my next thought was the blower motor itself...

      Its an 11 plate DSport 1.6 THP


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        I have exactly the same problem on my 62 plate DSport 1.6THP - its booked in for next week to find the issue - fuses and resistor are ok on mine too. Fingers crossed its not going to be an expensive repair!


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          Yeah think I'll end up doing the same if I cant figure it out. Let us know what it ended up being for you. Hopefully a cheap fix!


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            Originally posted by RJ2620
            Yeah think I'll end up doing the same if I cant figure it out. Let us know what it ended up being for you. Hopefully a cheap fix!
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              Same problem here on a 2013 THP: Fan does not work on any speed setting, but heater control indicates the different speeds as we press the up/down button.

              We've tried a new resistor and a new motor but that didn't work.

              Bought a multimeter and did some tests.

              The two motor-plug wires are Orange and Black.

              Resistor-plug wires are 1=Orange, 2=Black, 3=White, 4=Yellow/Green

              These are the voltages at the wires to the resistor when the fan speed
              is set to something low:

              1 to 2 = 0.20V
              1 to 3 = 4.80V
              1 to 4 = 4.80V

              2 to 3 = 4.20V
              2 to 4 = 4.20V

              3 to 4 = 0.0V

              ...and now with fan speed set to max:

              1 to 2 = 0.20V
              1 to 3 = 4.89V
              1 to 4 = 4.90V

              2 to 3 = 4.26V
              2 to 4 = 4.28V

              3 to 4 = 0.0V

              Almost the same, so could just be a margin of error in the way we held the wires.

              When the resistor is plugged in we get 0.0V to the motor wires on all fan speeds, that's not good.

              Any suggestions on what to test next would be appreciated.

              We're not mechanics or electricians, just determined not to pay the 550 that the dealer quoted to change the resistor and motor (that we now know are not the problem).

              Thanks everyone!


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                Based on the voltages I'd say that the input voltage is not present. Not familiar with the system wiring but somewhere should be at least 12 V. Next thing would be to trace the input voltage from the fuse and to the control box in question. Someone here may have access to the schematic to help with the job.


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                  pmatil Does "control box" mean the heater controls on the dashboard?


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                    Turned out it was the resistor rather than the motor - so a 280 bill rather than a 500 one However now the car is toasty and I'm able to drive with the windows rolled up again


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                      Good news. Still a pain to fork out 280 quid, but it's better than 500!!
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                        Just picked up my 12 plate. Same problem. Fuse ok . So iIneed to check the resister first. Where is the resister and where would I get one from if it's the culprit?
                        I am an electrical person but not auto electrics, so that's a help I guess .