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    Hi all,

    My city is currently very flooded, and I have just drove through a puddle at about 1.5 foot deep. I didn't see the puddle and wasent aware of it, I hit it at about 25mph and my car basically stopped, so I had to push through it but it was very deep and my service light came on for about 5 mins and went off. My engine didn't stop and I turned it off and on again to make sure it was fine and it was. Just wanted a bit of advice as I'm a new driver and have never experienced anything like this before and was wondering if anyone knows if this will cause any problems and if so what to do.

    Thanks all.

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    Might be worth just getting it checked over in the garage. You've been lucky, your engine could have hydro locked causing massive internal damage. But by the sounds of it you got away with it lightly. Might be worth checking the air filter to see if it's wet, if so replace it as it will tear.
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      Might go down to my local CitroŽn garage tomorrow and let them have a look. Just a bit paranoid because I've never experienced anything like this before. I've checked my dips tick to make sure there's no water and it's fine, I've checked my brakes and they are fine too and there is no warning lights. I'll check the filter tomorrow. Cheers for the heads up mate.


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        Was everything ok in the end?
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          If the engine is running fine you should be okay, if water got in than you would have be unable to start the car.

          My guess is that the ABS sensors got a good soaking and lost communication with the on board systems, or the change in pressure on the exhaust gave the car a funny reading. Still worth having things checked over to be on the safe side.
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