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  • Bluetooth Car Kit

    So I'm thinking about getting a Parrott Bluetooth car kit this Saturday (got tickets to the gadget show live) so hoping to get a kit a bit cheaper maybe. Looking at the MKI9200 and am wondering:
    How easy is it to install?
    Does it ruin warranty?
    My car is a lease car so does it affect that in any way?
    Has anybody done anything similar?
    And would it be worth it? (My car has the standard head unit)


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    I asked the fleet company that my company use to fit a bluetooth hands-free kit for me on my new DS3 as standard kit didn't come with one. (No cost to me) When it arrived a Motorola TK30 had been fitted which connects both my work and personal phones simultaneously and I can also connect my Ipod to a connecting wire in the glovebox which charges it and titles/artists can be viewed and controlled on the display. Great piece of kit and anyone in the market for something similar, I cannot recommend this highly enough. Calls on both phones are crystal clear through car speakers.

    120 fitted from Halfrauds at the moment (130 off)
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