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    Hi, i dont know if this has been posted before but I'm new to ever getting any modifications done on a car. I've looked into getting a remap which hopefully i will get in the next few months. but after that I'm completely lost. Any tips and idea on what i can get done will be highly appreciated. I have a 2010 Dsport 150 BHP

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    Hi Dilan528. The good thing about DS3's is that they are really good to customize to your own taste. For your model and engine, I would suggest a walnut blast before a remap to clear out the carbon deposits from the inlet valves. This will allow you to get the best from the remap. You could also go for a custom stainless steel exhaust and induction kit. For aesthetics you can do all sorts. Wind deflectors, highlight brows or tints, front splitter, custom decals, change or paint the alloys, paint the brake calipers, debadge the boot lid and most importantly get a club sticker or two from the club shop when it reopens.

    The options are limited only by your imagination and your insurance company!! . Plenty of advice and ideas on the forum. Enjoy!!
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      As Funky says- theres stackloads that can be done. Hi-Flow sportscat (Gains about 8 BHP), Sports air filter, (Or Induction kit) intercooler upgrade, etc etc.
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        Thank youu, im getting my car de-chromed next week and headlights tinted