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  • Turbo upgrade thp 156

    Hi all,

    Greetings from the holy Land My turbo has started acting out, and I'm going to need to replace it soon, so I figured why not upgrade while I'm at it anyway. Mine is a 2011 ds3 thp 156, and I'm looking for a straight, out of the box, bolt on replacement to the existing turbo. I read posts saying a 207rc / 208 gti / jcw would work, but couldn't figure out if those would fit as is, or would need new pipeworks or other extensive mods, which I cant do due to legal reasons (all mods are forbidden here, so anything that looks non stock would not pass mot).

    I know this has been discussed here in the past but I couldn't find any definitive answer from someone who has actually done this. I've talked to to two of the most known Citroen mechanics in here and ive been told this cannot be done (they say the housing are bigger and wouldn't fit and honestly, sound like they're talking out of their a$$). Being a serious petrol head, and following this community for a while, I doubt this answer and I'm seeking advice from someone who did this already.

    Much appreciate your help!

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    Hi Dansh ,

    Here is a thread about the JCW Turbo: maybe you could find some more usefull information there, goodluck


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      DS3-NL Thanks a lot! Very informative thread indeed...