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Boost Gauge on 1.6 e-HDI - Update Installed & Fitted

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  • Boost Gauge on 1.6 e-HDI - Update Installed & Fitted

    Howzit guys
    So finally Fitted and installed my boost gauge.
    Was really not as bad as I thought it would be.
    Note that I am in South Africa and work on metric.
    I seriously have tried everything to upload pictures but just cant get it right so if you would like pictures of the work done please PM me an email address and i will send it through
    But here is basically what I have done:

    Boost gauge was fitted last weekend and ended up easier than I expected but still harder than Petrol Turbo

    Firstly started off by cutting and shaping the pod with a stanley knife and my gas soldering Iron with blowtorch tip
    Then marked off the pillar and secured it on with the Pratley Wonda fix Car (which ended up working super awesome)
    Then took off the Cooler outlet plastic pipe which was the only option I had for a easier job.
    Punched a hole and started drilling with centre drill - 3mm - 5mm - 7mm- 9mm - 10.5mm - and reamed with 11mm. ( Needed 11.2mm for tap)
    Then cut the thread with 1/4" BSP tap.
    Took my 1/4" x 6mm fitting and turned it in with Locktite plastic bond and nipped it and used Pratley Wonda Fix around fitting outside and on the inside of the pipe around the fitting... left the pipe and pillar to cure for 18 hours.
    After I cleaned and washed the pipe out and left to dry again and the pillar sanded and flat the Pratley around the pod to smooth it out.. Cleaned it and wiped with acetone which I painted both pillars with Rustoleum Factory black.
    While those items were drying I pulled wire and tapped into the 12v lighter socket and pulled through the 6mm vacuum pipe which was easy enough through a spare gromit on the firewall at the rain tray.
    Once the pillars and pipe was ready blocked off the pipe on both sides at work and put and air pipe in to check for a leak at the fitting which was 100%.
    Pipe was refiited and vacuum pipe was secured with a hose clamp.
    Boost gauge inserted which lucky enough was a tight fit , Soldered the wires and secured the vacuum pipe.
    Routed pipe and wires neatly out the way and refitted the pillars and it was all perfect.
    There is one or two spots on the pod i see i didnt flat properly but it will be fixed in time.
    PS...I know the fitting is a quick release and not a hose tail but its working perfectly

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    Oh and it seems to be peaking around 1.1bar (15.9psi) and settles between 0.9bar(13psi) on a hot day and 1bar(14.5psi) on a cold day and holds boost through to 4500rpm +. Which seems to me correct for stock turbo and stock map


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      Damn... Hot day here is about 32-34 degree celsius and Cold day is about 15 degree celsius(Rainy condition) and its Summer here