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Where to start with Mods?

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  • Where to start with Mods?

    Hi guys,

    I'm on my second '13 plate DS3 155 and I absolutely love it. I was looking at maybe getting a new car but have decided to stick with what I've got as it's only done 22k miles and I'm currently only doing about 3.5k miles a year.

    So, instead of getting a new car, I'm going to upgrade the current DS3, but my question is where should I start? I'm having a full set of Michelin Cross Climates fitted on Sat as I currently have two budgets on the front and two Potenza's on the back, but what should I do next in terms of performance upgrades? Is a remap the obvious place to start?

    If you had to list your top 3 performance upgrades, what would they be??

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    Bigger bore exhaust, sportscast, then remap. That's what I did. Sports air filter or new induction, blow off valve, dual catch cans, suspension etc etc
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