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Getting a better sound out of my THP

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  • Getting a better sound out of my THP

    Hi, I was just wondering what “legal” exhaust system mods I can do to get a better sound out of my car. I don’t want a raspy tinny sounds but the stock car is very underwhelming. I have seen a few people saying a mid silencer removal vastly improves the sound as well as a back box. And help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is there cutting involved with a mid silencer removal and are there any decent good value back boxes on the market ?
    Thank you.

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    Try Bastuck, Milltek, Scorpion, Powerflo… there are quite a few DS3 specific
    Best to change the whole system, otherwise you can go for the backbox shortcut, you just never know what you gonna get soundwise

    I had a full Turbo Back Bastuck, it cost me £800, but sounded fabulous
    And the Sports cat converter added about 8 BHP
    Jog on Noddy


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      Hello Mate,

      I had a custom full exhaust system fitted about a year ago, costed around £300. Is very worth it, back fires sometimes and on gear change it pops. Its fully road legal. The exhaust company is Longlife Exhausts. Very worth it. If you need any help just let me know pal.