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  • 2016 DStyle 1.6BlueHDI

    New to the DS3 world but not to Citroen, my first car was a Saxo Forte and itís one I dearly miss, however Iíve recently traded in my 11 year old 136í000 mile Astra for a 1.6 Blue HDI 100 DS3 and Iím over the moon. Iím so happy with the car the way the engine responds and the way the car handles is just so alive. I want to take it on track days occasionally and I would like to remap the engine however before I go about the world of remapping I want to know if there are any simple bolt on upgrades that would be worth while to extract the most out of the engine. I know Iíll want the thing to stop so Iím eyeing up a pad and disc kit from EBC that I can fit myself that should improve on the current, if somewhat squeaky, anchors. Is there anything else I should consider before tracking it.


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    I'd certainly look into bigger discs up front with 4 pots as I'd be surprised if the 266mm ones are sufficient when tracked and I guess they'll overheat.
    With the Remap, Jamie at SP Tuning is the man to speak to as he is a specialist at DS's and has his own track car. I'd consider a DPF removal before but you'll need to be clever and just get the insides removed if I understand the new MOT regs correctly. I'd also get the EGR delete done with the Remap as that will only cause you grief in the future too. See:

    Really, what you want comes down to how deep your pockets are as you could go down the forged pistons route and bigger Turbo or even NOS if you wanted, it's just budget. Will you be tracking it regularly or just the odd track day?
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      Welcome to the Club, glad you like the car

      A diesel DS3 on a track? Hmmmm. Not so sure- but hey, try it. I did.
      took my 200bhp THP on the track, and it doesn't handle great, especially on the bends.
      Need low suspension, decent tyres.
      Need remap too, unless u r happy just to go toodling around
      Jog on Noddy


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        if you are tracking its all about heat management, decent oil cooler,intercooler, brakes and suspension mods, power not so important stopping and grip through tyres and suspension makes it fun.