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Peugeot 207 coilovers on a DS3

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  • Peugeot 207 coilovers on a DS3

    Can anybody confirm if Peugeot 207 coilovers will fit on a DS3? I have done a fair bit of research and can't find a conclusive answer. I'm presuming that as long as I get the right diameter strut (I believe my 155 THP is 51mm) it should be a perfect fit. I've been offered a set for significantly less than I can get a set that's been made specifically for the DS3.

    On a slightly different topic, I've been considering doing a stud conversion. I want to run some hubcentric spacers (I'm thinking 15mm all round or possibly going up to 20mm on the rear) but getting hold of the correct length flat seat bolts to fit the oem bellones is looking like a bit of a faff. Has anyone else done a stud conversion and if so, what length studs did they use? I'll be using open ended wheel nuts so it won't be too much of an issue but I don't want the studs to be sitting too far proud of the nuts when everything's tightened up.