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  • Rubber side skirt


    just noticed that I've lost a rubber side skirt. I say lost but we have only had the car a relatively short time, so it may never have been on or it could have been list in the carage. Nevertheless, I need a replacement. There not cheap as far as I can tell. Where is the best place to purchase one, and since I'm going to spend some money any alternatives I should be looking at.


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    Yea, I miss it on left side. I buy used Ds3 and get it like that. New 1 is 100. I check it online and at dealer. Price is the same.


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      Hi Kurbla

      it is the left this Usual?


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        idk i get it like that


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          Definitely not a normal thing, just coincidence the two of you had it. Probably caused by jacking at the wrong point and bending the subframe causing the skirt to pop out.
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            My side skirt fell off in the winter due to loads of sand and ice inside the skirt so the weight of the sand and ice made it fall off.


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              Unlike other manufacturers who use screws and bolts and fittings Citroen use push clips for sideskirts.

              Means you can just hammer them on with the palm of your hand when you get the new one I suppose. We had one come off my wife was distraught, I turned up took one look and hammered it back on like a Lego car..
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                Thanks for the advice. SWMBO also wants it replaced. Any after market skirts I should be considering?


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                  Sometimes you are just lucky!

                  When we bought the car, Motorpoint hadn't put it on their website. The car wasn 'the at derby, so they sent us a number of pictures. Managed to find the photos on the server and what do you know....photograph without the side skirt. If the photos had of been on the website they would have been removed of course.

                  Contacted Motorpoint ..they asked to see the car......and they are going to replace it.

                  why didn't we notice when we bought it. It's one of those items that until someone points out it is missing you never notice. Once you see it's not there it shouts out everytime you go to the car.