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  • First time owner

    Hi, I pick up my first DS3 Report 2011 (Bright yellow) 150bhp on Monday, any tips, tricks or things I should know? Very excited

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    Do your research about the engine and know what to expect. There are horror stories but if you look after it you should be fine. Main things to know about are:

    - Carbonisation of intake valves - look into walnut blasting and get it done ASAP because it'll desperately need it at that age. Any other "carbon/engine cleaning" products do not work. Only other method is taking the head off and scrubbing the valves manually.

    - Timing chain/tensioner - these engines use a chain not a belt, but it's French quality. If it starts rattling like a machine gun on cold start or under load, stop driving and get it booked in.

    - High pressure fuel pump - can fail, look out for hesitation on acceleration, rough idle, or misfires

    The last 2 are hypothetical but the first is an unavoidable consequence of early direct injection cars. VW and Audi had a nightmare of it about 10 years ago. Other than that, go out and bloody enjoy the car, they drive amazing!
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      Thanks very much, picked it up this morning and its fantastic I will look into the intake valves thanks for the tip


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        enjoy your car- ive owned 2 THPs and loved both, even when temperemental
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          Thanks, its really really nice, is there any additives you guys would recommend? I cant afford to get it walnut blasted for a while