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Front Caliper repair

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  • Front Caliper repair

    Last time changing to EBC pads the fit where so tight i had to grind down the pads to fit them into the calipers.
    Thought there was a manufacturing defect on the pads themself, but same thing happened this time with original brembo pads.
    As it seems there is two small shims on each size in the caliper to hold the pad in place, these are rusted and bulging therefore making it impossible to fit the pads without grinding them down first.

    Where can i get these shims? Can't find any info on the internet about the DS3 Racing front Caliper or Brembo original part number for them.
    Unfortunately asking my citroen dealer for parts didn't help as they only sold complete calipers...

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    Have you tried contacting brembo directly?
    Originally posted by cyclone
    It is in the handbook. Satisfied.
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    I would rather teabag a bear trap


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      No use cyclone, they are OEM calipers and no support is given.
      They are the same as the Focus RS calipers so you might want to have a talk with the ford dealer. Also, haven't had any issues with mine (yet...)
      Any brembo specialist can rebuild them if necessary.


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        I got new custom made shims and dust boots from ebay, alll good now