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Broken Coil Spring OSF

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  • Broken Coil Spring OSF

    Hi All, I'm seeing this may be a bit of a trend that either one or both of the front coil springs snap.

    Mines had just snapped at the bottom after 53k & luckily the spring was resting on the drop link bracket. I've seen some pics where the broken spring has penetrated the tyre (lucky escape)?!!!

    Looks plausible like some water may have been sitting in the bottom of the strut & has also perished through the small rubber cover. These rubber covers seem line corrosion traps IMO. I've heard that they're meant to stop the spring from knocking when fully compressed but how often does that happen?...

    Ive read that on the C3, there's a recall to have a cup fitted to the bottom of the strut to catch the spring when breaking, not to cause anymore damage.

    Just got the car back & 80 lighter, front OSF spring fully replaced but now also told by my mechanic that the brakes will need done soon, more . He mentioned front & rear pads & discs due to the discs being badly pitted & worn after 53k miles!.. Anyone else had this?


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    not heard of many front springs going

    Disc and pads go pretty quick on DS3. Relatively easy DIY tho
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      Originally posted by Chris_Blue View Post
      not heard of many front springs going

      Disc and pads go pretty quick on DS3. Relatively easy DIY tho

      The rear Discs Chris, are these the discs with the fitted wheel bearing? (Fitted into the disc)

      Im told that the front has 2x different choices but is the rear just all the same size of disc.

      ​​​​​​​I would be OK to change the pads & discs myself after remind the pad carried but the pad carrier has a special type of bolt insert!.... Also the rear calipers are wind back but front are push back


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        OOOoo. Your asking some questions now without going back 20 months and searching what I bought etc

        I remember the fronts were easy to do, no special tools other than socket set, and G clamp to wind back the brake piston after removing the brake fluid reservoir cap
        But i do have a comprehensive socket set :-)

        Think there were 2 sizes of discs at front of 280mm and 262mm (Guessingish) and just went to Eurocarparts and got cheapest. Remember the price for the fronts with discs and pads were 47 all in. They checked and said they were correct size. To be honest the stopping power of the pads is grim, but they work fine.

        The rears I think came with a bearing, which I swapped out. Remember having a super large hub nut socket which I bought from ebay- and again, not any problems

        However, my caviat is- Ive done the brakes on 3 cars over the last 18months- all French BTW. Citroen DS3, Renault Clio 172, and Peugeot 107- so I could well be getting confused between them all
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          Hi Chris_Blue

          Yep your pretty much bang on with the info there...

          After looking on euro car parts the rear discs & pads would cost approx 110 but I dont have all the required sockets. I could get the missing sized/special sockets but that would add a little more. I've been quoted 205 for parts & fitting from my normal guy, so I'm waiting on a price for parts & fitting for front ,& rear discs & pads as if it's not that much more, I might just save myself the hassle of DIY..

          They're not on the metal yet so still got a bit of time



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            Chris_Blue Hope your keeping well & safe

            I've bought front & rear discs & pads from euro car parts, 123 all in for everything.

            Eicher Discs & Pads - Front
            Brembo Discs & Eicher Pads - Rear

            Wont get the parts for a few days but not an emergency. Will see how the weather is & how it all goes....

            The front discs are 266mm, ecp checked against reg & vin - so that was handy as theres 2x different disc sizes as your aware.


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              ^ ^ Yes, keeping well thank you. Think I had Eicher pads, theyre rubbish. LOL. But they will do, although I fancy changing mine soon to Mintex 1144's

              To be honest, for all 4 wheels new discs and pads, that doesn't seem too bad a price- labour on top prob be another 300

              Just research all the tools you need, as there is nothing worse than getting to a certain point and not having the tools to complete
              I have my road legal track car, so can jump in that and nip down the shops, but that can't happen easily in this Covid pandemic...…...
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                I've been quoted 80 fornfitting the rear discs & pads or 150 for front & rear.

                I have most of the tools except from the rear hub nut socket & the pad carrier socket. I read on here somewhere & I think it's a torx Male socket (t55).

                From memory Chris, do you recall using a t55 socket to remove the pad carriers?

                I can buy the remaining sockets to do the work myself but only if I know what the rear hub socket size is & also if the pad carrier is a t55 male socket?....

                The remainder of tools would prob cost me around 20, so the labour would just be my time, saving quite a bit. Only costing me the 123 & say 20 for additional tools = 143 total to do it all myself

                Can anyone confirm the rear hub nut size for a socket & also the pad carrier bolt size, if it's a t55 male socket?

                Chris, would you just use the Eicher pads or maybe change to Pagid, Mintex or Brembo for a bit more ? I'm only asking as I've probably used cheaper pads in the past (Applied Nippon & Comline) but never Eicher pads...


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                  I was quoted between 240 and 280 just for the fronts, but that included the discs and pads. So did it myself. Couple ciders on the side- a nice leisurely few hours work. Dont 4get the copper grease

                  It was prob about 24 months ago and cant remember the hub nut size, or pad carrier bolt size am afraid. Having pretty comprehensive socket sets that didnt worry me, except hub nut. Pretty sure a search on the web will find it.

                  If I had my time again I would have bought alternative pads at the outset, but hey, they still work! Use them 4 a few month n see how u go. Not much hassle changing pads really.
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                    Hi Chris_Blue Thats the front end done today. New discs & pads.

                    Took approx 1hr 45mins. Those pad carrier bolts are a t55 socket but we're super tight as they had probably been put on with an air gun & locktite at some point.

                    Braking has increased with a better foot pedal & stopping distance with just the front done.

                    I will look at getting the rear discs & pads done holefully in v soon but may have to wait a few weeks as I'm waiting on the rear hub socket as its either 34mm or 36mm & thats going to be tight with just a power bar but I can borrow an impact gum from a family member when they get back to work so that will make the job far easier along with a brake wind back tool.


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                      ^ ^ ^ Nice one Cabrio Mike. I recall using a bit of locktite myself. T55 rings a bell too.

                      I think I took a little longer- was a hot sunny day, vest on, and a couple ciders on the side :-)

                      Think I had to use a breaker bar for the rears- about a Tenner from Eurocarparts. Ive never used an "actual" breaker bar b4, always a lump of pipe or pole

                      The breaker bars are actually a bit springy, which heloed a bit
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                        Thats now the rear discs & pads done... phew....

                        Not that difficult when the wheel is off & you can see all the bolts, just not much room for access. Lucky inhad a male torx 3/8 drive set with a 3/8 to 1/2inch adapter. The rear pad carrier was probably the most awkward part due to space but also as once they came out after a bit of effort with a power bar I had noticed they had been covered in locktite.

                        The discs came off no bother & its really a 2 for 2 deal as ur replacing the wheel bearing at the exact same time. Fingers crossed that the rear Brembo discs last around another 50k.

                        I didn't have a torque wrench but the new hub nut socket went back on & then I gauged the 90nm it advises with a power bar & a little bit more, chopped the socket over a little after tightening & then just refitting with copper grease.

                        So front & back all done within a few weeks so going forward hopefully just pads that need doing & the discs last around 50k or longer.

                        Rear took about 1hr 45. So prob 3 & a bit hrs all in front & rear.

                        Glad its all done now tho

                        Fingers crossed nothing else needs done.....


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                          Well done for sorting all that- just think of the cash you've gained, and the satisfaction

                          Although when you are doing the job, theres always the thought "Wish I'd just paid someone else to do it" LOL

                          Maybe think brake fluid- should be changed every 4 years- got Citroen to do mine, as was only bout 40 on top of a service
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