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  • Wing Removal

    Hi All. New to the forum. Does anyone have any advice on removing a wing on my 62 plate? I figure its bolt on with a couple of rivets possibly? I decided to have an argument with Ifor Williams trailer yesterday.....
    Also have seen that you can buy a "colour matched" wing already sprayed off Ebay, has anyone ever tried this? Worried painting to the code as obviously the paint will have aged.....

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    I looked into this a few month ago, and sure I found a video on it somewhere- the suggestion was that it wasn't that difficult to remove

    I also tried to get an already painted wing, but only looked for couple weeks. They do come around, but not often (In my colour anyway)

    Gave up in the end, and went to the professionals- 400 cash and car gone for 2 days
    Jog on Noddy