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  • Random limp mode

    I’ve been driving my 2014 DS3 1.6 petrol for 2 years now and not had any major issues. It’s only got 35k miles on it.

    Last week I was leaving for work, around 10 seconds after the car started moving, it’s gone into limp mode. Maximum 30mph, engine fault light on, the fan running very loud. I turned the car off and on again and it started up perfectly fine and I drove home as normal (around 4 miles). The fan continued to run loud for around 2 minutes after taking the key out. I booked into Citroen for a diagnostic. The car continued to run absolutely fine from then.

    Took it to Citroen for diagnostic. They said it’s either spark plugs or fuel pump. Now I know it doesn’t sound like spark plugs but that’s WAY cheaper so I got them changed.

    2 days after the new plugs it’s done the exact same thing again. Now I don’t know if I’m just being hopeful but it doesn’t sound like a fuel pump issue to me either. I know it’s hard to tell from just a description but not sure if anyone has had anything similar. It’s done it twice now and it’s only happening after around 10 seconds of driving. It hasn’t happened at any other time and it’s been twice over a two week period.