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Hpfp thp 1.6 165

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  • Hpfp thp 1.6 165

    Anyone know the part number for the HPFP for a DS3 1.6 THP 165? I am getting high rpm on a cold idle which becomes lumpy as this starts for reduce back to normal rpm . Engine seems to fun fine warm and no lumps but I do experience lag in power at times. I ran diagnostics on this and am getting 3 errors. Fuel rail system pressure low, turbocharger boost sensor circuit A high and manifold absolute pressure circuit high. Iíve read this is a common issue with these engines and ideally would like the HPFP tested first.

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    No., sorry, don't know the number

    I believe it is the same as used in the Mini THP engine, which is cheaper

    Are you sure its the HPFP and doesn't need a walnut blast? (Decoke)
    Jog on Noddy