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1.6vti any good?

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  • 1.6vti any good?

    Finally taking the plunge and getting myself a ds3. Circumstances have changed so seen a a few for around 4-5k so going to have a look at a 1.6vti 13 plate at Arnold Clark.

    Looking for for something reliable. What are they like to run? Petrol is the only option as only use the car to go the shops etc. Do about 5k a year.

    what size speakers is it in the front?

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    Good news and exciting times shopping for a DS3. The VTi is a good engine, can drink a fair bit of oil, so that's something to look out for. Also check the springs as they can fail and look for any rust bubbles under wing mirrors on both doors.

    However, and this is just my personal opinion, I wouldn't buy a car from AC. They are great with the sales etc, but after sales care and getting anything done by them should something go wrong, is horrendous!! Make sure you get at LEAST a 12 month warranty and check that it covers everything it possibly can. They are notoriously good at trying to wriggle out of doing anything under warranty. But like I say this is just my personal opinion based on previous experience.

    Happy Shopping!!
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      I had a 1.6VTi for nearly three and a half years, and the only issue I had with it was the temperature sensor (which is a known issue/was replaced under warranty) They're great cars
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        Thanks for the replies. Iíve missed out on 2 now as didnít want to leave a deposit without seeing them

        Iíve heard with AC if you write a letter addressed to Arnold Clark himself that they have a pot of money at head office to allocate tothe dealer to sort it issues. Donít know now thatís heís died if that would still work.

        How much is the sensor to fix roughly? Be a shame if I had to get a set of lowering springs lol