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    My wifes Nissan Cube has just been written off and she wants something quirky and fun.$%^&*#@ The DS3 has caught her eye but im baffled by the huge range of models / engines etc and was hoping for some advice if possible?

    Firstly she has a budget of approximately 5000 and would like a 14 plate upwards.

    1.$%^&*#@ Ive been told to avoid the 1.6 THP engine, is this engine really as bad as people say?
    2.$%^&*#@ What models (if any) have the touchscreen infotainment?$%^&*#@ All the ones ive looked at so far on eBay and Autotrader dont seem to have a touchscreen, just an LCD aircon display?
    3.$%^&*#@ Do any models have Auto lights etc?

    Sorry for the questions, her Cube was massively well specced up (although UGLY) and I just think she may be expecting too much from a DS3.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.