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2018(18) DS3 - New Engine & Clutch?

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  • 2018(18) DS3 - New Engine & Clutch?

    Morning all,

    I’ve been a long time lurker here but now I’m hoping someone can help me. Long story short I had an issue with a 16 plate 1.6 Diesel Peugeot 208 that meant the car needed some repair work as the indicators didn’t work correctly, alongside the brakes and the speakers randomly screaming at me before the infotainment system rebooting mid way through journeys plus much more, the dealer didn’t seem to think it needed any work and the General Manager even suggested I just use hand signals down the motorway and once it became clear to them that I didn’t intend to leave until someone at least booked my car in (the booking was already made via customer services) they then called the police. Luckily one of the officers used to work for Citroen and managed to convince them that the car was broken and to get them to take a look. Peugeot Head Office in Coventry we’re informed and eventually gave me an 18 plate ex-manager’s 1.2 Petrol DS3 as a replacement/apology for how we had been treated. (This was November 2018)

    Anyway, back to the current problem...

    On Feb 4, I was halfway down the M5 when the infotainment screen came up with a message saying there was an oil pressure fault and to stop driving immediately, I pulled off the motorway and pressed the DS Assistance button, but, that didn’t work so I called the AA out on my personal membership. The AA man went to fetch some oil but when it went in it was running back down the road so the car was recovered to a certain manufacturer owned dealership. The dealership (after 6 hours of waiting because they couldn’t find a courtesy car for me) diagnosed an “extensive oil leak” and replaced (apparently) the “sump plug washer”, “engine block lock plate seal”, “engine block cylinder housing cap seal” and then replaced the oil and oil filter. At this point I thought the vehicle was fixed. The car at this point had around 6500 miles on it. The vehicle had also been in to the same dealership 3 weeks prior for a washer pump replacement, a AutoVHC check was carried out and they reckoned everything else with the vehicle was fine.

    Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I checked the oil and noticed there was only about a quarter of the dip stick filled, this was concerning as the vehicle had only travelled around 400 miles since and so I booked it into a local independent garage for them to have a look. The garage diagnosed another “significant” oil leak and also a suspected reverse synchromesh issue as the reverse gear had been hard to get into for some time. I then took the vehicle back home and called the DS Assistance from my phone (yet again the button didn’t work) and had an AA patrolman out within the hour. He found the oil leak and recommended to his people that the vehicle should be recovered or driven straight to the dealership, it was not safe to be driven any further and so I couldn’t drive it to work. I drove it over to the dealership myself and left it with them as the General Manager there (not the same dealership as the 208 issue thankfully) had found me a courtesy car.

    I got in touch with a contact at PSA Head Office in Coventry who dealt with the 208 and he arranged for some specialist technicians to go into the dealership to diagnose the problem. They have refused to give me their report on the car but have told me that the engine and clutch need replacing and they suspect the issue has been there since manufacture. There was a “significant oil leak between the engine block and crank case”, “leaking oil had found its way onto the crank pulley and had been thrown back toward the bulkhead”, “bottom end engine noise was clearly identified”, “the clutch bite position was high”. Customer Care in Poole then got in touch, they’ve told me they’ll replace the engine and clutch as “a gesture of goodwill, without admission of liability and is in full and final settlement”. I’ve since got a letter from the dealership and this states that the oil leak was actually from the timing cover and crank shaft, these seals were replaced and it was “tested all OK” when the vehicle was in on Feb 4.

    I am just wondering where I stand and am hoping someone can give me some advice in this matter. One employee who shall remain unnamed in the dealership dealing with the repairs told me off the record he’d expect nothing less than a brand new car. I just don’t feel safe in the vehicle as they’ve had plenty of chances to find this issue and haven’t, an employee has also told me that I’d been at serious risk when I was driving this car up and down the motorway doing 700 miles a week. I have asked them what alternatives I have to having the replacement engine and have been told “there are no alternatives relating to the repair”. I wouldn’t feel safe in the vehicle knowing the major work that had been done to it and the fact that this work would be carried out by a dealership that had not found the problem on the other 2 occasions the vehicle had been with them, leading me to driving a dangerous vehicle around for 700 miles a week in the meantime,

    I’m not sure if this in the right thread, or even the right place to post this, but I would really appreciate some advice as I can’t get anywhere with either the dealership or the “customer care” department in Poole.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Hi and welcome!! This is the "long story short"? I'd hate to read the full version. ​​​​​​. What a absolute nightmare it sounds like you have had from PSA. Firstly with the 208 and now the DS3. If you're getting nowhere with the dealer, I'd personally go to Citizens Advice and see where you stand. If you don't feel comfortable with what repair work they have done and have lost trust in the brand, I'd demand your money back as the car "isn't fit for purpose" and walk away and go and buy something else.

    It sounds to me like they replaced the 208 lemon with a DS3 lemon, either that or your driving style is destroying any French made car!!!

    Its a shame coz whilst the DS3's aren't without their faults, if you get a good one, they are really really good fun cars to own.

    The very best of luck and keep us updated.
    DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​


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      good luck
      Jog on Noddy


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        The longer story includes highlights such as having to submit a Subject Access Request just to get a copy of paperwork relating to me (they thought it “wouldn’t be relevant” to me and refused to release it?) in the matter of the 208 . I have asked for alternatives eg returning the car and they just repeat the same line “there are no alternatives to the repair”. I’m just going to have to rest slightly easier knowing that everyone who knows me has witnessed first hand the issues I’ve had with this vehicle and at least two have decided to not purchase PSA vehicles as a result of both the mechanical and the customer relations issues they’ve seen me face.

        At least we get to have a rather fun game of “What’s broken now bingo” each morning!