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How long have you had your DS3?

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    Only had mine for 2 months after owning a DS4, love it!


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      7 years we’ve had our THP...
      White on red THP
      Miltek exhaust with HKS highflow cat, Forge intercooler, hard pipe kit, induction kit, oil catch tank, , VAG BOV, Stage 3 SPT remap 217 BHP


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        Originally posted by Jamie@SPTuning View Post
        7 years we’ve had our THP...
        Same red one white roof? That the one that's track ready and detailed in your sig with 217bhp?
        Nice. Is it a bit lardy on the track? - as you know Ive a track Clio where I get the "speed" thing outta my system and act like a hoodlum . Small car, 2 litre and naturally aspirated so no Turbo to blow

        Will be up your way next Spring, for a remap on my HDI Sport :-)
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        Jog on Noddy


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          Originally posted by Chris_Blue View Post

          Yes, there were a few November / December 2009 DS3's about
          Didn't the first 100 have a "100 Club" plate near the gearstick
          LeeDS3 from Kent had one of the first I think-his brother in law worked for Citroen and sorted him one of the first on the road
          The first 100 had a badge saying x/100 between the gearstick and the cubby below the radio. You could get whatever you wanted on the roof (within reason)

          my Mother had 12/100 which was polar white with a baby blue roof and dash and white wheels. She got an Ed Hardy styled flower on her roof.