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Could have been worse

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  • Could have been worse

    This happened other night where i park my wee ds3....AND.....

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    Deep marks right down to the metal, as well as a nasty wee dent, you cant see for the white cement.
    Just waiting to monday/tuesday to see who is liable for that wall, and see if there insurance will cover it..

    I live in a private rented flat....
    If they dont/wont, it gonna cost me 300/400 + the body shop says they will need to respray who door and quarter panel,
    and also its pearl metallic, and a he says ;(

    the joys ;(


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      Oh no bigj2552!! Those pictures actually made me wince!! Hope you get it sorted soon.
      DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​


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        That's a real pain. Your right though, good job it didn't collapse onto someone
        The quote sounds pretty reasonable to me, if he does the door and the rear 1/4 panel

        Mine is in for a 18 inch (Top to bottom) rear corner bumper scuff on Monday. Just under 200 for the whole bumper sprayed up (Damage was on car when bought 4 month ago)

        Yours looks deeper, and over 2 panels so if you can get to around 300 think that's pretty good
        Jog on Noddy


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          Yeah I echo Chris' comments, I'd expect that to cost alot more.

          I had a blister on the paintwork rectified (was the size of a 5p) and DS changed the whole door instead of repainting it! Thank goodness it was under warranty.


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            good luck with tracking down the insurance liability- should be insured with the building it is attached too
            Jog on Noddy


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              Fortunately the damage on the door and wing are fairly close together, so there's plenty of space to blend the colour. Although the body shop will still lacquer both complete panels.
              As I mentioned elsewhere on here my car is in having the front bumper replaced as someone reversed into me whilst I was parked. The quote is over 2,000.00!!