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    Hi all,

    looking to scratch a ds3 itch I've had since they came out. I currently have focus 1.8 titanium which is quick enough. I only use my car to go the shops and that as walk to work. I've a few questions if people could help I'd appreciate it!

    Looking at spending upto 8k ish. Which is the best petrol engine?
    can a double din headunit be fitted in any of the Ds3s? Seen connects2 do a kit but crap with stuff like that as will want to fit a sub and upgrade the speakers.
    My parents live in Edinburgh so what are they like on a long drive?



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    Welcome Phil!

    My first DS3 was a 2015 1.2 110BHP petrol and that was nippy, easily just as quick as my 1.6 diesel I have now.

    When I traded it in, it had about 25K on the clock and the dealership was selling it for 9K. It was a top spec model which had cruise control and an arm rest so when it came to long journeys, no issues whatsoever.

    I don't know much about sound systems but the DS3 has an optional extra whereby it has a hi fi system upgrade. I have it in my current car and it's really good in my opinion. Maybe look out for examples which have it.

    The DS3 is a very popular car so you'll no doubt have plenty to choose from but if you do go for the 1.2, unless something has changed recently, tax is only 20 a year.

    Hope that helps, keep us all posted!


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      depends if you want perfromance or economy
      Jog on Noddy