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  • Is this club active?

    Im just wondering if this club is active. I sent payment for a sticker and membership at the beginning of May but not heard anything.
    Also sent email with proof of purchase via PayPal.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    More so active on Facebook nowadays. There have been some issues with paypal payments not flagging notifications in the shop lately. PM dangerousfish or WTF (admins) and they'll sort you out ASAP. The membership change is a manual one and the stickers are handmade and posted so both could be missed in the bug I mentioned.
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      Hey Gadget63

      Sorry for any delay, anything from the beginning of May should definitely be with you by now. Would you mind DM'ing me with your email address used for the purchase please and I'll look into it for you?
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        Not heard anything since confirming email and home address


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          active? seems long time ago the times of 30 or 40 discussing issues on here, and a hundred or 2 posts a day
          Remember posting up over 50 contributions one day longtime back, chats with members, answering and asking questions

          Seems its all facebook, Instagram etc etc- don't go near them myself

          DS3GBUK seems as quiet, if not quiter

          I expect the production cease of some models has had an effect
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            We're all still here Chris_Blue . I'm not on Facebook either, but we do use the new version of shoutbox alot, which is Discord. Come join us. The link is in BenS signature a couple of posts above.
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