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  • Ds3 2014

    I just got myself a ds3 2014 and I'm just wondering how easy is it to change the cd player as I want to upgrade to one with a touch screen also how easy is removing the gear knob as I'm looking to add a custom one

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    Hi, welcome.

    If you want to change to the OEM touchscreen display, it's not worth the money and effort. However, there are many double din stereos available which can fit below the original stereo and maintain the steering wheel controls. Loads of threads on here about changing them in the Guides and In-Car Entertainment sub-forums.

    Gear knob I think was just pull it off with some force, but it might be a good idea to unclip the trim and remove the leather gator first to give a better view of what you're doing.
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      Yah, gear knob just pulls off no need to take anything else apart. Takes quite a bit of force and when it lets go it is all at once so do not get right over it and then hit yourself in the face.
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      It is in the handbook. Satisfied.
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        Thanks for the info