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  • DPF and Service Warning light

    Hi all

    Twice today my car beeped at me and told me my DPF filter is possibly clogging? It happened the other week and the handbook and internet research said to have a long drive which i did and it went off.

    But then again today it went off twice and both times i was doing long drives, I was going to my grandmas when first warning came on but then when i got back in the car to head back to York it didn't come back on. We went food shopping and to my home for couple of hours and then back to hers, then heading home it went off again, so well over 70 miles round trip today. There was no loss of performance or anything like with my breakdown warning so unsure what to do.

    I've not had the car long and new to motoring in general so things like this concern me. I know Halfords Autocentre offer a DPF cleaning service ( so maybe i should consider getting this done? Has anyone had this done to there car?

    What do you all think

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    Long drives help clear the filter but i think the engine has to get hot to burn off the deposits. Try driving in 4th at 70 mph on the motorway for a while, it might help. My previous ds3 sport plus had the same problem, the only fix was citroen de coking it whuch took 4 days!! Luckily it was a warranty job so it didnt cost me. Good luck.


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      The regen cycle should kick in within 15 minutes of constant higher RPM motorway driving. If that still doesn't seem to do it then have a look at DPF cleans.
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        As already said high revs on a motorway in 4th for 20 mins or more should burn all the deposits out leaving your DPF relatively clear. You will feel like changing up into 5th or 6th, but don't and it won't do your engine any harm, unless you red line it for the entire time. That may cause more issues that you are trying to fix.

        ​​​​​​Oh and try and avoid too many short journeys, that won't be helping either.
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