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  • eMyway Sat Nav update

    Has anybody been on Citroen website & downloaded the navigation update? I've downloaded & copied it to a flash drive¬$%^&*#@ but my car just says¬$%^&*#@ 'error ¬$%^&*#@'No music'' ' when I plug it in to the USB. I HAVE A 2016 DS3 Cabrio 1600 THP

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    First thing is that the pen drive must be formatted as FAT32. When you download, the file must be unzipped before copying to the pen drive. I generally open the unzipped file and copy the entire contents to the root of the pen drive. Hope this helps


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      I tried to navigate (haw haw) the Citroen site to find where the relevant eMyway satnav file is to update the system as it mentioned an update was available.


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        oops hit post too quickly, couldnt find the relevant file... where did you get the file youve downloaded from?


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          When you were looking did you use the VIN Search option? The reason is that it is very easy to download the wrong files!

          As mentioned above make sure the USB is clean and that you set the files up as laid out in the instructions.
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