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  • First year report

    My DS3 DStyle 90 HDI became one year old on the 30 October 2011 and so here is the first year report on my experience of owning and running it over its first year.

    I purchased my DS3 fro Broach Hill Garage in Hutton Cranswick a family run Citroen main dealership. The car was an ex demo model and had done 1,000 miles when I bought it. It came with an extras package which included Bluetooth and upgraded HIFI system, Tribal roof decal and floor mats.

    My DS3 has covered a total of 11,152 miles which has mainly been made up of driving A roads. I would say circa 4,000 miles will have been motorway. I have spent 1062.86 on diesel and averaged 67.1 MPG. According to the onboard computer which also states that over that year my average speed has been 32MPH. The first years road tax was free but at the end of September I had to pay 20 for the next years road tax, which I think is a bargain.

    As yet the vehicle is not due for its first service which will probably happen towards the end of December start of January when the car has done 12,500. Which having taken out the 200 3 year servicing offer will be free. Maintenance wise it has used no oil or water and has 1 recall for the rear brake shoes. On certain production batches there is a problem with excessive wear on the rear brake shoes and this can only be seen on inspection. On inspection at the main dealer mine was found to have the faulty shoes and the car was off the road for two days whilst the parts were ordered and fitted. The only warranty work that I have had carried out was to a rattle to the dash which turned out to be the plastic part covering the top of the dials. This is a known fault and Citroen have developed a solution for this.

    Tyre wear has been excellent with all four tyres wearing evenly. The tyre degradation has been 1.8mm. The tyres and car performed excellent last winter in the heavy snow and did not let me down once on my daily B and A road commute.

    There are some other small niggles creeping in which I shall be reporting at the first service. This includes squeaking/creaking driver's seat which could be the seat belt holder rubbing on the centre consol. The rear parcel shelf clips have become warn and as a result have a loose fitting now causing the parcel shelf to rattle on occasions.

    All in all I have been extremely pleased with the DS3. Having driven many Citroens over the years this is one of the best models so far that Citroen have produced. If it continues to perform this way I will certainly buy another one, unless of course something even better is produced by them.
    DS3 Dstyle HDI 90 White with Botticelli roof and Urban Tribe decal (2010)
    DS5 DStyle HDI 2.0 160BHP Pearlescent White (2013)

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    Glad You've Enjoyed It !

    Thanks For That In Depth Write Up !


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      Nice one!


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        Easy to read, to the point.

        Good write up. Thanks


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          It's nice to hear that someone has had a relatively good journey so far, after my current ongoing issues, I've been seriously mulling things over this weekend and I'm contemplating handing it back and buying a different make, I've had enough of Citroen to put me off for the rest of my life!

          2 X Citroen DS3 Racings - Both rejected