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    hi guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me or have any info on car covers for the ds3 as I need one for work because I can't keep washing it everyday because of lovely bird droppings or tree sap ruining my paint Hope someone can shed more light as to where I can get one from as I haven't had much luck!

    Thanks in advance

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    Weren't any of these possible fits ? Sorry if you googled these and ruled them out


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      the second is what i'm after but not with that ridiculous price tag just trying to find one that wont scratch my car in the process so that rules the first out as there is no lining inside

      thanks for the quick response though


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        Never had one for my DS3 but the cheap one's from Halfords seem to do the trick.

        IIRC, the one from Citroen requires you to put an arm and a leg down just for a deposit!
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          I will have to ask at dealer see if they have a cheap range haha! dont trust ones without a lining


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            I've only seen the indoor ones at my dealer, black cloth with a DS3 symbol on them I think...


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              Maybe have to get one and just out microfibre drying towels underneath


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                I use the medium size one, from Halfords, if a frost is due
                Got it on ebay for about 6. Nice smooth material which wont scratch (Tis pricey 30 new I think)
                Doesn't cover the whole car- just for the windows really as DS3s don't have that really nice heated front windscreen that Ford does
                (Wifes got that heated screen in her Fiesta :mad:- patented I was told)

                Hooks onto the wheels with lastic string things
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