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    Hi All, yes, a newbee to the forum, got a nice Bumblebee DS3, like poo off a shovel, as they say and I must be the tallest driver to fit in one, 6ft 7in and comfy at that.

    Anywho's, I have a few questions to ask regarding cleaning etc.

    I bought mine 2nd hand and the lady who hadit before me seemed to ssweat and so on the drivers seat there are salt lines, so does anyone know how I can get these out, and the second questions is, what does everyone use to bring the shine out in the colour of the body and the alloy wheels.



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    For adding a really good shine, try "Armor for all SHIELD" they say its better than a wax

    And I was impressed- its like applying a layer of shine as a surface layer, rather than buffing up the original colour

    As for the upholstery, I use a Turtle wax product which is a foam, and it has a brush on the top of the aerosol can which you use to agitate over heavy soiling. As normal, I find it needs 3 or 4 goes over a few days to work best. Never works fab first time round
    Jog on Noddy