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DIY Bellones refurbishment- any advice?

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  • DIY Bellones refurbishment- any advice?

    My DS3 is over 5 years old and the wheels centres and some small parts of the rim are whitening due to clear coat wearing away and water getting to the metal

    Not paying between 60-100 for refurbishment of each wheel, so will have a go, one at a time over winter, myself. Its not as if its a new car, and have done it before with some success

    So. Will clean wheel with acid cleaner, rinsing thoroughly within one minute. Then, when dry, will use 3 grades of wet n dry to remove staining, then 3 coats of clear coat. (Varnish for cars)

    Anyone got any additional hints, or advice?

    When I've done it b4, it doesn't stand up to close scrutiny, but looks pretty good from a couple of feet away.
    Jog on Noddy