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Interior black gloss - scratch removal

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  • Interior black gloss - scratch removal

    Is there a good way to remove light scratches from the high gloss dash trim?

    I don't want to end up making it worse by just trial and error....


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    Hello there. If the scratch is deep.. you can check this by running your nail through it, then it's a specialist repair, unless the scratch is showing black, or not so deep, you can still use the following: mcguigans miracle compound. I have used this all over my car and home. Needs lots of elbow grease, so don't give up doing this manually. I have a electric polisher (you can get these for as little as 6 off the Web and if you get one, use the fleece polisher with the compound, then the microfiber one to polish off) if you use the polisher, use the outer rim to polish the scratch and the flat to polish off with the microfiber. You can get the compound off the Web, but halfords sell ot as well.