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    Adrian Flux Insurance Services are pleased to announce their support of the DS3 Club and all those Citroen enthusiasts connected with the forum.

    For those members who perhaps aren’t aware we are able to offer up to 15% discount on policies for Full Club Members and would welcome modified DS3 owners, young drivers and even convicted drivers.

    Why choose the Adrian Flux Insurance Services?

    For the past 40 years Adrian Flux Insurance Services has developed into the country's leading agent for Specialist Motor Insurance, providing services dedicated to the specific needs of our clients. This enables us to offer all drivers competitive premiums and excellent service coupled with special discounted rates for Car Club members.

    Our ‘specialist’ schemes enable us to provide very competitive premiums and added benefits such as free legal cover (£100K of legal expenses) and breakdown cover from only £54 for Homestart, and European cover.
    Get Cheaper Car Insurance from the Specialists

    Whatever car you drive, you will know that most car insurance companies are just waiting for an excuse to send your premium shooting through the roof. And whether it's your age, or the fact you drive a high performance car, or your driving history, or because they say you live in the 'wrong' place, they are sure to have a plausible excuse for charging you so much.

    And when you're speaking to your insurer on the phone at renewal time, does it sound as though they care two hoots about your car, or do they seem to treat you as just another number in a giant spreadsheet?

    Well, here at Adrian Flux, we do things differently.

    With over 40 years experience in arranging insurance for every kind of car imaginable – and some you probably couldn't imagine – we will tailor a policy as individual as you and use our expertise to find you the cheapest premium and the best car insurance scheme possible.

    Cheaper Modified Car Insurance

    If you drive a modded car, you'll know how hard it can be to find a modified car insurance company that will cover you. And if you are a younger driver too, then you'll have the insurers rubbing their grubby hands with glee when they hear your age.

    And if you drive something with a bit of poke, you can bet they're breaking out the bubbly in celebration of the massive wodge of your cash they're about to get their grasping fingers on.

    And because you've had the nerve to spend your hard-earned money on making your modified car the envy of your manor - or at least made a start on it - you've probably heard them suppressing their sniggers as they tell you that they won't cover your modifications, and will only give you the 'market value' of the standard car if some muppet writes off your pride and joy. What a rip off!

    Well, here at Adrian Flux, we agree. When you ring us, you can be sure that we'll pull out all the stops to get you the best modified car insurance deal.

    We know that the other insurers have got the modified community all wrong, because drivers who love their cars as much as you do, take extra special care of them – and that means you're less likely to make a claim.

    We also know that, given the choice, thieves prefer to take inconspicuous cars like your dad's dark saloon, rather than a blinged up hatchback decked out in lime green with gold sparkle.

    And because we know all this, in most cases we can give you a cheaper modified car insurance quote.

    What's more, when you call us, you won't get a computer rate - you'll be speaking to a knowledgable car enthusiast, fully clued up on all the latest gear and mods!