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    Welcome to DS3Club.co.uk - The First Dedicated Citroen DS3 Owners Club on the web!

    Established in 2009 the club was set up as a one stop resource for all things DS3 providing information for New Owners as well as Prospective Buyers. A lot of hard work by owners and members set the club soaring and off to an unbeatable start! Thriving on the success of the DS3 and the passion of its owners.

    In June 2013 the Club had two new owners and admin team and the site started moving even further forward than before with the main focus being what the club could do for owners and how we could work together.

    To date we retain our presence leading the path in all we do, for DS3 owners worldwide sharing the same passion. Helping each and every member out with simple questions about general maintenance of their vehicle to bigger ideas and build threads. There is no better place online to find out what you need to know about your DS3, or maybe even something you didn't know!

    With over 14k threads, what will you discover today!

    We attend shows throughout the year and everyone is welcome to join us! Meets are arranged by local members and we encourage members to hold and organise events in their locality.

    The best part about it all? Its totally FREE to sign up and get involved!

    DS3 Technical
    Cleaning and Detailing- Sponsored by Auto Finesse
    Work in Progress
    DS3 Pictures
    And SO much more!



    We are the UK's Number One DS3 Owners Forum, and we are here for DS3 Owners.

    Admin - www.ds3club.co.uk
    Want to get in touch? Email us: admin@ds3club.co.uk

    What our members say

    Quote Originally Posted by albish View Post
    WooHoo Thank You very much to everyone for the good words! I have to repeat my self, but I must say that this IS the best car club, ever! Your 'hospitality' is awesome, and I already feel friends with all of you. This club inspired me to work more on my car, and it's continuing to do so in a great way
    Quote Originally Posted by paul r View Post
    Great news thanks for running the club. Best club i have ever joined.
    Quote Originally Posted by JEZDS3 View Post
    Great Club! Great Forum Community!
    Quote Originally Posted by lfcrule1972 View Post
    What I love is this is an active and helpful community, there are always new posts to read and the folks here know their stuff !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Funky View Post
    Brilliant forum, club and members. I'm upgrading to Ultra Prestige on Friday